Welcome to the DevIoT Research Group!

Context aware solutions using IoT


Research in the DevIoT Laboratory is focused on solving practical problems in industry and in daily life, through incorporating context awareness.

Our research group is working on context-aware computing, which is centered on the notion of the Internet of Things, primarily employing sensors for collecting data, which is used to develop smart applications. We have two projects currently in progress.

  • The first focuses on the development of a general software platform called PCAD, which will enable developers rapidly develop context aware applications. This platform will allow application developers to resolve issues of acquisition, storage and management of context data provided by the data providers, allowing them to devote full concentration on the problem under consideration.

  • Our second project involves an important real world application in the field of livestock farming- a sensor based software application that also involves hardware components. Livestock physiological data is collected using sensors, and the data is made available to veterinary physicians to help in the diagnosis of livestock diseases. This application and other future applications are being designed to allow them eventually to use the PCAD platform.

Our group also investigates several variants of IoTs applications, such as Smart City and Smart Laundry services, based on software-driven technologies.

Group Highlights
  • August, 2017:"A Message Broker Based Architecture for Context Aware IoT Application Development" accepted to International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering as presentation of article at Antalya

  • June, 2017:"Application of Service-Oriented Context-Aware Architecture to Laundry Management System" research article published at the SIC Journal. Read more..

  • June, 2016: Graduate student Orkut Karacalık was presented his research, "Evaluation of Actor Model Formalism in the Implementation of a Context-Aware Platform" in the Software Engineering Department, IUE.Read more..

  • June, 2016: Graduate student Aykut Guner was presented his research, "The Use of Relational and NoSQL databases and their performance comparison based on a Node.JS implementation of a Context Aware System" in the Software Engineering Department, IUE.Read more..

  • May, 2016:"Personalized Smart Waste Collection Management System" senior student project was awarded by TUBİTAK and 5. Young Brains Fresh Business Ideas Project Exhibition.

  • May, 2016:"Instant Weather Animation System with Sensors-IWA2S" senior student project was presented in the 5. Young Brains Fresh Business Ideas Project Exhibition.

  • September, 2015: "A Platform for Context-Aware Application Development: PCAD" presented at the FedCSIS’15 conference. Read more..

  • September, 2015: A Sensor Based Diagnosis Support System for Veterinary presented at Turkish National Software Engineering Symposium. (UYMS 15)

  • June, 2015: "Architecture, Design and Implementation of Context Aware Service Platform" project won funding from TUBITAK's research program ARDEB. Read more...

  • April, 2015: "A Sensor Based Diagnosis Support System for Veterinary Physicians." project won funding from TUBITAK’s research program.Read more...

  • September, 2013:A Context-Aware Architecture for the Management of Laundry Business Processes presented at 14th European Conference on Knowledge Management. ECKM 2013