What is PCAD?

PCAD is a novel software platform based on the notion of context-awareness, which allows rapid and easy development of context aware applications. One of the fundamental goals of the proposed platform is extensibility, allowing the platform to react to new requirements without making fundamental and substantial changes. The Context Aware Application Development Platform- PCAD- is inspired by an operating system, and modeled as a layered architecture. It exhibits a plug-and-play behavior very similar to devices and device drivers found on an operating system/kernel. The platform offers functions such as data management, notification, security and privacy as services. The platform provides application developers with a public interface to support in their development of context-aware applications in various domains, including smart city applications.

* This project is supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey - TÜBİTAK under grant 114E938.

Key Features

Service based architecture allows addition of new services. Sensor and application layer abstractions decouples sensors and applications.

Soft Real Time Context Provision
Data is made available to applications concurrently with PCAD processing.

Designed to process multiple sensor data and support applications simultaneously.

Interaction with other PCAD installations and other platforms.

PCAD Interfaces
Sending and receiving sensor data, notifications.

Sensor Status, Statistics.

Open Source Programming Model

PCAD Services

PCAD’s functionality is made available to applications through services.

Rule Service
Context processing

Data Management Service (DMS)
Context data storage.

Alarm and Notification Service (ANS)
Notifies the registered parties about context data.Filtering.

Reporting Service (RPS)
Reporting about context sources.

Security and Privacy Service (SPS)
Policy based access control to context data.

Interoperability and Communication Service (ICS)
Data exchange with similar platforms.

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